Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is an innovative primary care model that focuses on restoring the patient-physician relationship through trust and transparency. DPC practices offer a range of primary care services for a monthly or annual retainer fee paid directly to the practice. There is no copayment and your insurance is never billed by the practice.

What services are included with my membership?

Your annual physical exam, sick visits throughout the year, guaranteed same day or next day appointments; access to the physician via her personal cell phone and email, and even FaceTime is included.

How does a DPC practice differ from a traditional primary care practice?

In a traditional primary care practice, doctors are compensated based on how they code and the number of patients they see, rather than based on the quality of care that they provide. In a DPC practice, quality of care is the number one priority. Doctors working in a DPC practice are able to spend more time with each patient; patients have easier access to their doctor; and patients are guaranteed to see their doctor. These are just some of the benefits of a DPC practice.

Will BlueJay Pediatrics accept insurance?

Insurance has no role in a DPC practice, therefore BlueJay Pediatrics will not be accepting insurance. Instead, there will be a flat monthly or annual fee that will cover all comprehensive primary care services. The patient is still advised to retain an insurance policy in the event of catastrophic illness or hospitalization. DPC is considered out-of-network provider on most plans. Please consult with a representative from your insurance plan to learn more about the details of your policy’s coverage.

Can I use my insurance elsewhere if I join BlueJay Pediatrics?

Your insurance plans will continue to operate “as usual” at other doctors' offices, hospitals and pharmacies. Some HMO-style plans do require an “in-network” primary care doctor for access to other services. Please check with your insurance company.

Do I still need to have insurance for my child?

Yes. BlueJay Pediatrics is not an insurance plan, nor is it a substitute for health insurance. We recommend that our patients continue with a major medical plan, such as a high deductible insurance plan, to ensure financial coverage for a catastrophic illness, hospitalization or specialty care. Please consult with your insurance agent or insurance representative to help customize an insurance plan that fits your specific needs.

What is not covered by the membership?

These services are not covered by the membership fee: vaccinations, labs, imaging, medications. Our clinic has partnered with a local pharmacy to help with insurance coverage of childhood vaccinations. There is no charge to administer the vaccines in our practice. Specialty visits, hospital stays, surgeries, etc: Any medical services from other medical providers will be billed to your insurance plan.

What if I need to be referred to a specialist?

The hope is that by spending more time with your primary care physician, the need to refer you to a specialist will decrease significantly. However, in the event that you do need to be referred to a specialist, we will work with the specialist on your behalf in order to schedule an expedited appointment.

What if my child gets sick after-hours or on the weekends?

Call, email, text your child’s urgent medical need and we will get back to you in a timely manner. We provide after hours and weekend care on a case by case basis.

Do you provide “virtual” medical visits?

Yes. When appropriate, practice members can use photos and video conferencing to communicate with our practice. In many cases, questions can be answered and diagnoses can be made (or ruled out) without an office visit. These visits can save families time and money. It is part of the benefits of your membership to our practice.

Are you willing to see patients outside of your practice on a fee-for-service basis?

We are willing to see sick and well-child care patients, who are not members of the practice, on a fee-for-service basis as our schedule permits.

What if I decide to leave the practice?

If you decide to leave BlueJay Pediatrics for any reason, there is no penalty or fee. If you have a prepaid membership for the year, then we will reimburse you for the unused months. We require a thirty-day written notice for termination of membership.