BlueJay Pediatrics

Direct Primary Care

Commitment to pediatric care 

If you answered “YES” to any of the above question(s), then BlueJay Pediatrics direct primary care, is the right choice for you!

Why Choose BlueJay Pediatrics?


Like a gym membership, you pay a monthly membership fee to have a more accessible and affordable health service!  In the traditional pediatric practice, the pediatrician has a panel of 2000+ patients.  In direct primary care, the pediatrician caps at 300-400 patients, so that they can spend and provide more quality care!

Continuity of Care

Each visit is with the same physician, which helps to build a better connection, a stronger patient-physician relationship, and more trust

Personalized Care

Take comfort in knowing that your child will see a dual board-certified physician (general pediatrics and kidney specialist), who will provide the attention and detail to your child's healthcare needs. 

Direct Access to Your Physician

Members have access to the physician 24/7 via telephone, text, email or video at no additional cost. 

Same Day/Next Day Appointments

Members can be seen in person on the same day or next day- no more waiting period!  More time is spent in addressing your questions/concerns without the need to rush.

Same/Next day appointment

Transparency. Afforadable.

For a monthly membership, you do not have to worry about paying for each doctor visit or copay either! No more insurance hassles.  No more surprise bills!

Have any questions? You can call, text and email us now!

Dr. Nirupama Gupta

Phone:  571-206-4774